The Case for Balance: A Manifesto for Making B2B Less Myopic is the timely new book from UPP. Focused on the damaging short-termism currently gripping B2B marketing, it's our rallying cry for a smarter and more sustainable approach.

Drawing upon research and analysis from some of the sharpest minds in marketing, The Case for Balance lays out where many brands are going wrong, and how they can put things right. It may not always be an easy or comforting read - we've certainly not pulled any punches!

But, as ever, we've aimed to entertain as much as enlighten. Expect beautiful design, sparky writing and an avoidance of dour preachiness.

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Key areas covered in The Case for Balance

- What's gone wrong?

B2B marketing is stumbling into a crisis. Growth, retention, effectiveness - all down, right across the board. The Case for Balance details the warning signs of a marketing strategy gone awry.

- Why is this happening?

A variety of factors - from shrinking CEO tenures to over reliance on lead-generation - have contributed to the current malaise. But by understanding how we got here, we can map a way out.

How do we fix this?

We offer actionable guidance on improving your company's long-term prospects. Whether your marketing needs an overhaul or just a tune up, our practical tips will make a palpable difference.

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